Partnering with PGCPS

Professional Development ClassDid you know that the Institute for a Competitive Workforce has found that more than half of businesses face recruiting challenges because the current workforce does not meet their company’s skill, training, or education requirements?  

Or that increasing the level of education for a nation’s population by just one year is estimated to increase the GDP by 3 – 6% according to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development?  

Investing in the education of our nation’s children does more than empower the next generation, it empowers the next generation of employees and consumers upon which all business will rely.

Businesspeople with ChildrenBy partnering with PGCPS, you can have a direct impact on the quality of education that our community’s children are receiving. We all share the responsibility to make sure that our students receive a top notch education. Regardless of your organization’s size, focus, or resource base, no project is too small.

You can get involved today by:    

  • Offering an Internship and enjoying the rewards of giving a student a taste of life in your profession, as well as, improving the quality of your future workforce.    
  • Supplying Professional Development Opportunities for teachers to ensure that the information they are sharing about your career field is current.     
  • Delivering a Workshop or Lecture to students, parents, or staff.    
  • Offering Practical Skill Training (e.g. mock interviewing, business etiquette, etc.) to help our students become college and career ready.    
  • Providing Mentoring or Tutoring to help a student grow both interpersonally and academically. 
  • Supporting our Facilities by providing landscaping, construction services, etc.    
  • Assisting with Curriculum Development and/or Review as PGCPS continues to strive to improve the quality of the education that our students receive.     

To begin partnering with PGCPS, please complete the Application for Partnerships. If you need more help identifying ways to support PGCPS, please contact the Office of Business & Community Partnerships at or (301) 952-6095.   

Office of Business & Community Partnerships
Prince George’s County Public Schools
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Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20772

Phone: (301) 952-6095
Fax: (301) 952-6762  

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